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Systematically reducing the cost of waste

Converting waste into an opportunity.

Generate savings without diverting your resources from your core business

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ICR are the UK’s leading waste stream cost reduction specialists for the industrial and manufacturing sectors. 

Progressive reductions in waste costs are achieved by ICR through a systematic and detailed process analysis of the various waste streams within clients production facilities.  This analysis is then followed by implementation of specific improvements to the waste management processes to reduce handling costs, add value to waste streams and reduce material to landfill.  

Typically our clients see significant savings arising within 2-3 months of the implementation commencing and savings range from 15-40% based over previous waste management arrangements.

The Key benefits of ICR implementations are;-

  • Rapid Payback, Self Funding Projects
    • ICR projects typically have a very short financial ‘payback’ of less than months, however, in many cases projects are totally ‘self-funding’ with no net ‘up front’ expenditure required by the company to generate deliver savings.
  • Extensive Global Recycling Database
    • ICR has built up an extensive global database of over 6000 waste material ‘users’ to ensure value of waste is maximised by accurately matching the best recycling route for individual waste materials that sites may generate.
  • Experienced, systematic and in depth focus
    • With increasing pressure on limited internal resources to concentrate on the ‘core business’ most industrial companies don’t have the capability to implement a professional, systematic and detailed focus on their waste streams.  ICR can provide this experienced service to assist in rapidly generating savings without detracting internal resource from the core business.
  • Demonstrating Continuous Environmental Improvement to Key Customers and for ISO 14000 Compliance
    • ICR’s project implementation provides regular reporting against key measures and targets established as part of the cost down project. This can be used by clients to demonstrate measureable improvements in environmental recycling and landfill reduction in support of ISO1400 accreditation requirements. It can also be used to measurably demonstrate environmental improvement progress as part of key customer presentations.

    All ICR Partners are professional Engineers with extensive experience of industrial management, processes and the practical minimisation of waste costs within complex industrial facilities.