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Converting waste into an opportunity

Projects incorporate time based action plans and key performance measures that support clients ISO14000 improvement requirements

Practical actions that rapidly minimise waste costs

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Examples of Recent Waste Cost Reduction Products Completed by ICR

3. Industrial Intermediate Material Manufacturing Company - Pallet Cost Reduction

A UK based manufacturer of specialist materials used in automotive and industrial applications processing over 15000 tonnes of materials per year.

Due to the nature of the raw materials being processed the company had a wide range of incoming pallet types that were being stored, some reused whilst the remainder were disposed locally. The pallet management on site was also poor creating a housekeeping and health and safety hazard.

The ICR approach was to initially process map the incoming pallet streams and the work area flow and then revise the storage and segregation arrangements. This ensured maximum value could be extracted from the sale of surplus pallets in conjunction with higher levels of reuse by the company internally.

In addition, new commercial arrangements for the sale of pallets were established with quarterly retendering to ensure the best sale price was obtained and maintained for the client

Result;- By implementing the revised arrangements savings of £16,600 have been achieved in 9 months to date, giving a projected annualised saving of in excess of £22,000. In addition the space requirements for pallet storage has reduced by approximate 35% and the previous housekeeping and safety issues have been eliminated by the new work area layout devised by ICR.

4. Automotive Manufacturing Company – Internal Waste Cost Reduction

An industrial manufacturing plant producing a range of fittings for automotive and industrial applications with a wide range of waste materials that were a bi-product of incoming raw materials. These included PE film, PP bags, cardboard, cardboard cylinders, strapping, paper pallets and non recyclable waste. The majority of these wastes were disposed of via up to 9 Front end loaded skips that were continually filled and emptied on a regular basis on the site each month.

By completing a waste process profile of all the waste streams and a Pareto analysis of potential savings, a number of actions were implemented with the objective of turning the majority of these mixed wastes into recyclable raw materials.

Low cost balers were installed to bale PE film, PP waste, cardboard, paper and strapping to compress the material into mill sized bales for efficient transport and use in the recycling industry. .

For all non-recyclable waste, plant based compactors were installed that contained and compacted waste into 500kgs pallet based loads. Subsequently the 9 front end loaded skips per month were removed and replaced by one 40 cu yd skip.

Result; - All the above initiatives had the effect of reducing the waste costs from £3800 per month to £1500 per month an annualised saving of over £27,000. This also assisted company in demonstrating continuous improvement for its ISO 14001 accreditation.

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